Dr. Mike Dockry

Indigenous leadership, innovation, and partnerships as critical responses to climate change

Indigenous knowledge has sustained Indigenous people and their environments for thousands of years and through many social, economic, and ecological changes. This leadership and innovation continues today. Furthermore, Indigenous people often tell us that our common future depends upon incorporating their wisdom and perspectives into responses to climate change. However, natural resource managers, scientists, and universities have struggled to integrate this knowledge into planning, management, and research. My talk will discuss Indigenous leadership, innovation, and partnerships as foundations for responding to climate change. I will highlight innovative projects and partnerships as well as provide practical partnership-building strategies for working with tribes. Building successful tribal partnerships based on tribal values, knowledge, and sovereignty can transform natural resource management to meet our 21st century challenges.

Dr. Mike Dockry is a member of the Citizen Potawatomi Nation and an Assistant Professor of tribal natural resource management at the University of Minnesota in the Department of Forest Resources. Dockry is also an affiliate faculty member of the American Indian Studies Department and a Fellow at the Institute on the Environment. His research and teaching focus on incorporating Indigenous knowledge into forestry and natural resource management. His work supports tribal sovereignty and addresses tribal environmental issues. Mike is a nationally recognized expert in tribal forestry, tribal relations, and building tribal partnerships. He earned a B.S. in Forest Science from the University of Wisconsin, an M.S. in Forest Resources from Penn State University and a Ph.D. in Forestry from the University of Wisconsin.